Safety Awards Recognition

At Mid-States Utility, safety is one of our highest goals we strive to achieve on a daily basis. We are always continuing to find new and innovative ways to ensure our workspace is safe for our employees so they can focus on the work they’re doing and not dangers that can arise.

Recently, our company was recognized by the Iowa-Illinois Safety Council as part of the Iowa-Illinois Safety Awards they do every year. We submitted a number of presentations dedicated to portraying the various precautions and innovations we’ve made each year to enhance the safety within our company. We’re very proud of this mention and want to show you what we submitted and the steps we’re taking to ensuring the safety of our employees every single day.

Community Enrichment

The Community Enrichment awards seek to recognize companies that reach out to their community and make financial or or contributions to the community they hail from. These can include some of the following examples as listed on the IISC site:

  • Financial contributions, in the areas of safety, health or environmental efforts
  • Manpower, in the areas of safety, health or environmental efforts
  • Material resources, in the areas of safety, health or environmental efforts
  • Or other services, in the areas of safety, health or environmental efforts

Mid-States was proud to be able to submit a presentation that depicted ways we’ve been able to serve and benefit our community as shown below.

Hazard Control

Every workplace has room for improvement when it comes to safety, so the IISC created this category as an initiative for employers to catch on to areas of improvement and implement changes that create safer environments within their company. Below are some examples of how we caught and fixed some safety concerns we noticed.

We will continue to better our working conditions in any and every way we see possible, and we will continue to submit to the IISA. We’re truly proud of our employees who work diligently to ensure the safety of themselves and their co-workers and are always vigilant for areas of improvement, as well as our safety manager Tom who is always on the lookout for new and innovative safety material.

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