Truckers Against Trafficking – Making a Difference

Human trafficking is a topic we don’t typically like to discuss. The topic brings with it a sour taste filled with the unpleasant thoughts of such a horrific practice. We don’t want to imagine the horrors the victims of human trafficking go through, but it’s important that we don’t ignore a problem just because we see it as unpleasant. Knowledge, discussion and action are all steps that lead to change.

With January being National Human Trafficking Awareness Month we want to highlight an organization that is making a difference in stopping human trafficking and take a look at some of the training they offer in hopes that you too will know what signs to look out for in saving victims of human trafficking. We also want to encourage all transportation and trucking companies to think about initiating training for all of your drivers so they can know what sorts of signs to look for and how to act in order to stop traffickers and save lives.

T.A.T. (Truckers Against Trafficking)

We, at Mid-States Utility, work with our friends at T.A.T. using the tools and resources they offer to train our truck drivers and staff to see the signs of human trafficking and knowing how to respond to the crime. The organization has done a fantastic job creating a number of different training tools for trucking companies as well as partnering with law enforcement and government agencies to assist any way they can to strive towards ending trafficking.

Anyone can easily learn more about T.A.T. by checking out their website here which is absolutely full of amazing resources.

Signs to Look For

Truck stops are popular locations for human traffickers to stop at and force their victims into horrible situations. It’s important for every truck driver to be aware of any potential suspicious activity he/she notices whenever he/she stops. These signs can include the following:

  • Signs that prostitution is taking place.
  • Women or children looking fearful, disheveled or crying.
  • Multiple cars and different men going in and out of a residence.
  • Someone (typically an older male) being controlling, threatening or even violent with an individual (typically a younger female).
  • Extraordinary security measures for a business or home.

It’s also important to note that many traffickers will attempt to advertise their victims using CB radio messages to passing truck drivers. If you receive messages that sound suspicious please report them.

We all have the ability to make a difference and save lives by simply being aware of our surroundings and knowing how to react when we see or hear something suspicious.

If you are a company looking to train your drivers to fight against human trafficking, please check out T.A.T.’s Industry Training Program and get them certified. Join over 800,000 people who are registered as T.A.T. trained and are currently making a difference all across the world.

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